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This is from Kalee “Dan’s Daughter”.
My dad, Dan Bowman, went to the emergency room on May 30th after being sick for 3 weeks. He is uninsured and was trying to “tough it out” at home because of that and the pandemic.

Within a couple of hours of being there, he was sedated, intubated and placed on a ventilator to help give his lungs a rest. While the doctors can’t say what caused all of this, and his COVID tests have all been negative so far, it’s likely he had COVID a few weeks ago and it exacerbated an underlying heart/lung condition he wasn’t aware of.

He is stable for now, but still intubated and doctors are working to get his heart functioning correctly again and clear his lungs of built up fluid. Because he is self- employed and uninsured, we are working with the hospital to get him some assistance, but an ICU stay is going to be a huge financial burden.

He tried to do the right thing by closing his small business during the pandemic and has not been working regularly since March, but as such is already struggling a bit financially. My dad is a good, kind-hearted man. He builds guitars, teaches guitar, and works with the non-profit organization Free Guitars for Future Stars.

He loves his students and loves what he does, even when it hasn’t necessarily given him a more stable financial footing. While we appreciate donations, we absolutely understand that most people have been out of work for several weeks. If you’re unable to donate at this time please just keep him and our family in your thoughts and prayers.


Please share and any little bit will go a long way.

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